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The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fast emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation. First opened to tourists in 1974 in very regulated manner upon the coronation of present Bhutanese King, this mountain kingdom is still perhaps the world's most exclusive tourists destination. Due to the Royal Government's far-sighted policy to preserve the countries pristine environment and its culture, the harmful effects to industrialization and mass tourism on the environment and the traditional lifestyle of Bhutanese have been carefully avoided. This makes Bhutan a truly unique destination. An unspoiled country with majestic mountains, a unique cultural heritage preserved for many centuries, an architectural style like no other, a landfill of warm hearted and friendly people, reveals a true paradise in the lost era of the present century.

Bhutan Facts:

Total Area: 38,394 sq km

Population: 672,425

Capital: Thimphu

Local Time: 6 hours ahead of GMT and 1/2 hour ahead of Indian Standard Time.

State Religion: Mahayana Buddhism

National Tree: Cypress National Bird: Blue Poppy

National Animal: Takin

National Sport: Archery

Official Language: Dzongkha

Currency: Ngultrum

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