Everest Khumbu Region

Mt. Everest observing the world in its footsteps by standing vigorously at 8848m above ocean level is the World's most remarkable and the great Himalayan adventure dream for mountain climbers and trekkers over the globe. Everest base camp trekking empowers you not just to witness Mt. Everest, the top of the world, additionally the world’s 4th & 5th most elevated crests. Mt. Lhotse at 8516m., Mt. Makalu 8467m, and another giant summit, this area is really the top of the World. All the global Mt. Everest climbers assemble here accompanied by the beginning time of their climbing on top of the world. Typically the climbing length of time of this campaign goes on for 90 days.

Everest base camp Trekking experiences the ethnic land of the Sherpa, the survivor people living at the highest altitude of the world. They are the tribe of Himalayan people who are of Tibetan race by ethnicity and Buddhist by religion devoting their worships and deity in various pleasing monasteries and Gompas that are greatly situated in the midst of uneven and encompassing high altitude of the world. Before coming to the Everest Base camp, the trail takes over the cold Khumbu region with colossal ice chests and apexes while taking off to fantastic height. 

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