Why Travel with Us?

Halesi Treks Pvt. Ltd. is a registered trekking company in Nepal. our level of expertise and quality of service are highly regarded. we help our guests choose from multiple itineraries incorporating visits to ancient heritages and natural wonders with thrilling trails all within a single trip. Our experience makes us highly proficient in analyzing our client’s diverse range of needs and expectations. We are proud to be a reliable adventure travel partner in Nepal whilst delivering the trip of a lifetime.

Expert knowledge of the all over Nepal

We have more than 16 years of experience in the Trekking, Climbing and other tourism activities. We are made up of local dedicated professionals from the administration, crew members to airport representatives. We encourage you to travel like a local and evaluate the real value of money. With nothing compromised, we offer our trips at the excellent value, generally much cheaper than many other larger European and American companies. We deliver the best possible experience whilst protecting you and your budget.

Safety in Nepal

Halesi Treks Pvt. Ltd. acknowledges your safety as a top priority. our trekking, city tour guide and mountain guides have the certificate from Nepal government, they are very professional. They are well trained in first aid and use of personal protection equipment. Since most of our guides are locals, they know how to handle any emergency case with efficiency and provincial know-how. We also advise and help plan your itinerary considering your best interests, of which a factor we consider is acclimatization.

Quality of service

With our expertise, professionalism and skilled team, we are able to consistently deliver an excellent quality of service whilst flaunting the best Nepal has to offer. we know tourism is driven by the friendly hospitality and excellent levels of service; as such your level of satisfaction is always a key priority.

Financial protection

We are a registered trekking company authorized by the Government of Nepal, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board and other legal departments. So any payment made in advance of the trip is fully protected.

Personal service

We encourage anyone who is interested in planning a trip, whether it is an expedition, trek, tour, safari, to get in contact Halesi Treks Pvt. Ltd and discuss their requirements and expectations directly. We can give suggestions based on our knowledge of the trekking areas and the best time of year you’re planning to travel.