Meet the Team

We are a locally based trekking agency in Nepal, offering expert guides and staff with over 16 years of experience, ensuring the true flavor of the destination.

  • Man Kumar Tamang
    Managing Director

    Man Kumar Tamang

    Man Kumar Tamang was born in the mountains of Solukhumbu in Nepal. He started his journey in the tourism industry when he was just a young boy. He began as a porter guide in the Everest region back in 1999. With hard work and dedication, he climbed the ranks to become an experienced trekking leader. 

    In 2012, he took a big step and started his own company, Halesi Treks Pvt. Ltd. From humble beginnings in the heart of Nepal's eastern region, Tamang's journey into the tourism industry began at a tender age, instilling in him a profound love for the mountains and its people. 

    Through Halesi Treks, Tamang not only built a successful business for himself in the competitive tourism landscape but also made a pathway of prosperity for the villagers of Lokhim and beyond. By providing employment opportunities within his agency, Tamang empowers the local communities. 

    Growing up, Tamang faced challenges accessing education due to the lack of schools in his village. Now, he also makes sure to provide school bags, uniforms, and stationery to children in rural areas. Tamang's compassion extends beyond Nepal's borders. 

    His extensive travels across Europe and Asia, including destinations such as Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, and Singapore, have enriched his perspective and broadened his understanding of diverse cultures and landscapes. 

    Despite his success, Tamang remains grounded, focusing on making a positive impact on both the tourism industry and the lives of people in his homeland. His story is one of resilience, hard work, and a commitment to helping others!