Client Reviews

  • Very pleasant trip

    Annapurna Circuit Trek really has the best view!! And there are so many lovely dogs 🥰. But the road from Kathmandu is a bit dusty and challenging...
    Our guide, Mr. Kumar, and his team are very nice and friendly, they smile all the time 😁. During the trek, Kumar Dai adjusted to our speed and keep it as constant as possible. During meals, Tek Dai, the assistant guide, helps arrange our food, making it easy and convenient for us. They really are very helpful, and they speak good English too.
    Overall, this is a very pleasant journey for me and my husband

    Alvina V
    Alvina VIndonesia,June 11, 2024
  • Incredible service, unforgettable trip!

    What a wonderful crew for a first-timer in Nepal. We went to Annapurna Basecamp Trek with Halonepal team and with our Nepali Guides Team Halesi Trek (Kumar Dai, Gurung Dai, and all of the porters)
    They are all amazing! Despite our different speeds and challenging weather conditions, the team made sure that we’re all taken care of. They serve us from the heart.

    Great experience, with breathtaking views, and of course we took hundreds of pictures!

    Thank you for everything Kumar Dai & Team 🙏

    Gigir F
    Gigir FIndonesia,June 10, 2024
  • An Amazing Himalaya Journey

    I really had a good time during the ABC trip. Our trip buddies, Mr Kumar and friends, did a great job in taking care of us. I was going solo but met some friends there during the trip. Overall it was an awesome journey. Hopefully we can meet again in another adventure.
    Thank you Mr Kumar!

    MercyIndonesia,March 13, 2024
  • We recently had the chance to go on the Everest Base Camp trek with Halesi Trek with Man Kumar and Prakash.

    We recently had the chance to go on the Everest Base Camp trek with Halesi Trek with Man Kumar and Prakash.

    Man Kumar’s professionalism, responsiveness, humor, and wealth of experience made every step of the journey amazing. Throughout the trek, Man Kumar ensured our safety, and always attentive to our needs and concerns. His guidance enriched our understanding of Nepal and the Tamang culture.

    More importantly, we shared many laughs and amazing memories … “Shaka laka boom!”

    Prakash, our porter, was a machine. Carrying over 25kg over sketchy terrain, he took care of us with unwavering commitment and made every effort to look after our safety.

    One of the highlights of the trek was the opportunity to visit Man Kumar's village, where we were graciously welcomed into his community. Attending a Tamang wedding and staying with Man Kumar's relatives provided us with an authentic glimpse into Nepalese life, and we never felt so welcome!

    The trek itself was filled with awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable moments. From the majestic views of the Himalayas to the warmth of the Nepalese hospitality - we felt incredibly lucky to be part of this trip.

    Overall, my journey to Everest Base Camp with Man Kumar and Prakash was nothing short of extraordinary. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking an unforgettable trekking experience in the Himalayas.

    Thank you, Man Kumar and Prakash, for an adventure of a lifetime!

    Jonathan Choi
    Jonathan ChoiAustralia,February 24, 2024
  • Expert Guidance and Warm Hospitality

    I can't say enough good things about my trek to Annapurna Base Camp with Halesi Treks! They're not just travel agents they're like your adventure buddies who happen to know all the ins and outs of the trek and the local scene.

    From day one, they made me feel right at home with their smiles and enthusiasm. It's clear they love what they do, and that energy rubbed off on everyone in the group. Plus, their experience and knowledge gave me total peace of mind. I knew I was in good hands every step of the way.

    Even when snow and fog caught us off guard, the Halesi team fearlessly led us through, ensuring our safety every step of the way. Their expertise and fearlessness made all the difference, turning challenging conditions into memorable moments.

    If you're thinking about trekking in Nepal, do yourself a favor and go with Halesi. They'll make sure you have the time of your life while feeling safe and supported. Can't wait for my next adventure with them!

    Elga AIndonesia,February 19, 2024
  • Amazing EBC Trekking Experience

    My three friends and I recently embarked on a 9-day hike to Everest Base Camp with Halesi Treks, and our journey was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to the exceptional guidance of our tour leader, Kumar. He proved to be an outstanding team leader, displaying an unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being and enjoyment of every group member. We utterly enjoyed our time with Halesi and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested to do an EBC hike.

    CYLimSingapore,December 23, 2023
  • Fabs EBC trip with Halesi

    We had a fabulous luxury EBC trip with Hales Trek. Man Kumar and his team (
    Prakash / Jetha) went above and beyond to make our trip exceptional
    with seamless logistics (transportation and lodging). We were touched by his guidance and his humble
    kindness. They observed our conditions in regular basis, frequently checked with us to ensure we were okay, and patiently
    accompanied/helped everyone along the trek in the challenging
    high altitude. They assisted in our flight
    arrangement from Kathmandu to Lukhla with a helicopter at the last min. We surely would not have made it without him and his
    team's support ! We left Nepal with a positive note and they definitely made our trip
    an unforgettable one. Thanks for everything!

    Dwi f
    Dwi fIndonesia,December 17, 2023
  • Amazing Private Luxury EBC Trip with Halesi in December 2023

    Amazing Private Luxury EBC trek with Halesi in December 2023. Man Kumar is our guide and we wouldn't have made it to EBC without him. We worked together with Man Kumar during planning process to make sure we have lodging with electric blankets and hot shower. Man Kumar helped with last-minute logistic changes and is flexible to accommodate us. Definitely recommend!

    dhdhdh2015Australia,December 15, 2023