Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal has become more targeted by tourists for its spectacular findings concerning the highest potential mountain expeditions, featuring the seven peaks above 8000 meters, the highest places on the earth.  

These peaks are considered as the trip that every people on earth should consider traveling once in their lifetime. It means that every people on this earth will visit this place once in their lifetime. They are a most destined location on earth and they are wanted by the people around the world.

Almost all of the trekking peaks usually below 6500m are opened with legal route permits by the government of Nepal. You'll find more than 20 peaks of 6500m opened for regular mountain voyage.

For those enthusiastic trekkers who want to experience the high altitude mountaineering experience for their starting lessons on mountaineering expeditions these locations less than 6500meter always comes first on their preference. It is truly a genuine challenge for any new passionate trekkers to gain experience on higher mountaineering expeditions where you can have the opportunity to gain an adventurous and courageous training.

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