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Halesi Tour (Maratika) Darshan

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  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Costs: Starts from US $300.00
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 Halesi Maratika Darshan Tour is located at Khotang district of eastern Nepal and Halesi Maratika  (Halesi Mahadev) is equally important for the Buddhist and Hindus. The temple is located in a mysterious beautiful cave on a hilly region of the countryside in between the rivers Dudh Koshi on the right Sunkoshi on the left.

Maratika Tibetan means “Eliminates from death” the Maratika is rich in history, mythology and sacred geology despite. it is the site of immortality, one of the six supreme pilgrimage sites in the world where the great master, the second "Buddha Padmasambhava" and Dakini Mandarava obtained the realization of immortal life. Maratika was also blessed by the family of three protectors Manjushri, Vajrapani, and Avalokitesvara. for many years the sacred caves of Maratika have been a very important pilgrimage destination for Buddhist seeking to engage in the long life practices.

For the Buddhists Halesi Maratika: this is where Guru Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche) and his consort Princess Mandarava, attained immortal life (a state beyond birth and death) through their meditation and for this reason Maratika is considered a place to pray for long life. For the Hindus Halesi Mahadev: the legend goes way back to Lord Shiva, who has given a boon to a demon to kill people instantly upon touching their heads; he thus turned on Shiva to kill him. Shiva took refuge in the Maratika cave and this place is now understood to be where real devotees may fulfill their every wish.

Halesi Treks Pvt.Ltd organizing this Halesi Tour since 2012 regularly. According to your special time and groups.

There are Five different doors:

Ghostly Dwar: This  Ghoptay Dwar is a Nepali word which means downward facing the door. It is located to the Northwest of the image of the god. People enter here from the South and come out of the North. It is about 9 feet long.

Janma Dwar: A little further the Ghoptay Dwar to the east after walking 6 feet sliding way we can get to another door where one is allowed to enter first by putting one leg and the head carefully. It is Janma Dwar which means the birth door.

Pap Dwar: the East-South of the image of the god, there is another door called Pap Dwar. In this door, people enter from the east and come out hard from the West.

Dharma Dwar: After praying the Halesi Mahadev when we move forward in the West-North there are two 9/9 feet square shaped stones with a small gap between them. There is a tradition of going in and coming out from that gap. This gap is called Dharma Dwar.

Swarga Dwar: There is another famous door called as Swarga Dwar. It looks really amazing if it is viewed from Yagya Shala, close to pap Dwar. People can't reach there, as it is located really in a difficult place where there is no way to get through. It may have been named Swarga Dwar as Swarga in Nepali Means heaven where no people can reach and live in. there is a legend that people who are really religious can easily enter the four dwars. but those who are not religious they cannot enter any of these dwars.

Special Festivals in Halesi Mahadev

Lord Vishnu was the first ever devotee to pay homage to the Halesi Mahadev in the Satya Yuga, the golden age whereas Balaram did in the third age called Dwapar Yuga. Afterward, many kings, sages, devotees, philosophers, thinkers, hermits, abbots, ascetics and Shankaracharya have been paying homage to this sacred place.

During the homage hours, kettledrum, cymbal, clarinet etc, there is a custom of performing special ceremonial rites of the Halesi Mahadev during some festivals such as Bala Chaturdashi, Shiva Ratri, Ram Navami, and Teej etc. In between, devotees perform various other religious performances like fire sacrifice and recitals of the Rudri, the Chandi and the Vedas, our religious epics, burning of 10 million holy threads and offering millions of wood apple leaves etc. The Halesi Mahadev is taken as the god of fulfilling wishes and giving boons to the real devotees. So devotees vow solemnly and act accordingly as their wishes have been fulfilled. We believe this is only the place for the people all over the world to visit once in a lifetime and watch the beautiful, mysterious amazing and purely religious place where the people are traditionally rich in their culture. It is really a matter of pride to all of us.

Trip Highlights:


  • Halesi Mahadev is another Pashupatinath East of Nepal
  • Worship and receive blessings at the holy Halesi Mahadev 
  • Five different doors namely Ghopte Dwar, Janma Dwar, Pap Dwar, Dharma Dwar, and Swarga Dwar.
  • Explore the Halesi Caves along with Matrika monastery 
  • Halesi Mahadev is popular among the Hindus  and Buddhists
  • Halesi Mahadev Darshan Tour  Information

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1350m.

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour:

Day 03: Drive Kathmandu to Halesi Maratika cave 6/7 hrs.

Day 04: Visit Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev Temple) Drive back to Kathmandu 6/7 hrs.

Day 05: Final departure:

Cost Details

  • Arrival and departure transfer by private vehicle.
  •  Hotel in Kathmandu on Bed and Breakfast.
  • Hotel in Halesi with breakfast, Lunch and dinner.
  • Kathmandu to Halesi to Kathmandu  private transportation.
  • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle as mentioning trip schedule.
  • Necessary entrance fees.
  • All tour escort by our trained English Guide
  • International airfare
  • Personal expenses, bar bills
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu 

Day to Day Itinerary

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Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1350m.

Halesi Treks warm welcome you at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Transfer to the hotel and describe the tour programs. Overnight at hotel.

Fixed Departure

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