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Kanchanjunga Region

Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest peak offers spectacular scenery and joy of being there. This region offers an endless variety of culture and changing countryside as it proceeds from the river -growing districts through terraced fields, forests of birch, bamboo, and rhododendron that eventually turn to stands of fir and hemlock as one climbs higher into the mountains. Himalayan bear, barking deer, and the lesser panda are among the rich animal and bird life that fill the area. Kanchenjunga, Makalu and the spectacular Jannu are among the peaks at the outset of the trek. Passing through villages of Brahmins and Chhetries, you enter almost exclusive Rai and Limbu territory with a scatter of Gurung and Sherpa settlements. A special trekking permit is needed and only Camping Trek is available in this region. The main trekking trails in the region are as follows:

World famous trek in the Kanchenjunga area, the Base Camp Trek is great walking through some beautiful glaciers. Glaciers, themselves are subjects of a challenge to cope with by the trekkers. Nevertheless, not only that, we will completely explore you into the unknown. One should have an enthusiasm to experience the difference that can be found nowhere else in the world. This is a paradise for the adventure lovers.

The Kanchenjunga area trekking starts in the year 1988. The Kanchenjunga region is the home of the Limbus. Relatives of Rais, Limbus dominate the region east of the Arun Kosi and few lives elsewhere. During this trek, one is bound to have an unforgettable experience of difference that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. This trekking is considered as the paradise for the adventure lovers.